Safely Home

Topics: Randy Alcorn, Buddhism, Jesus Pages: 6 (1060 words) Published: December 2, 2012

Spiritual Growth in Ben

There are times when Christians all fall short in our walk with Christ and go

through a tough struggle to regain those steps back. Ben Fielding is a magnificent

example of this point. Randy Alcorn, author of Safely Home, expressed the spiritual

growth in Ben Fielding’s life during the numerous weeks he spent with Li Quan. After

college, Ben fell into a large amount of mistakes and dramatic experiences such as his

adultery, divorce, job, death, and his visit to Li Quan.

Ben Fielding is described as an intelligent man who knows his business very well.

Ben attended the Harvard University. While attending there Ben Fielding’s walk with

Christ was at his best. Li Quan also attended the University and so happen to be Bens

roommate and later on best friend. Ben helped introduce Li Quan to Jesus frequently and

gave him a Bible for his own personal use. Li Quan secretly knew of this Jesus Ben spoke

of by his father, an underground pastor, who Li Quan was ashamed of but Li Quan never

mentioned it to Ben because he felt Ben did not need to know of his situation back home.

Ben spoke with Li Quan about Christ and helped introduce him to fellow students and

followers of Christ so he can build up his reputation and walk with Christ. Ben was a

Christian and a fantastic guy in college working well with others and getting into the

word frequently. Li Quan soon passed up been in reading scriptures. Little did Ben know

Li Quan wasn’t a complete follower until Ben helped him with his walk. College is the

first placed mentioned where Ben was actually on the right track with his spiritual side.

After his college career the spiritual growth stopped and decreased over time.

Ben committed adultery when he cheated on his wife. He went through a terrible

divorce and his family was torn apart. Ben went through trials in his life that truly

affected his walk with Christ. The failure of his marriage resulted in failure to see or talk

to his two daughters over a long period of time. Ben told Li Quan of what happened to

his family when they had time alone when they confessed past stories after college. Li

Quan told Ben of miracles, but Ben quickly denied his belief in them. Ben refuses to

believe in miracles and felt they were all staged or fake. Li Quan soon figured out that the

death of Ben son was the true reason why Ben disbelieve in miracles. Ben said God failed

to be there to rescue and save a dying child, so why believe? Li Quan answered that he

can’t answer for God, but miracles are real. Ben quickly experience his first miracle and

showed a bit of belief after he saw Li Quan preach to a Buddhist infuriating the Buddhist

monk that made him speak in an unusual language. The monk feared Li Quan and stayed

away from him but the Buddhist monk struck Ben sending him flying. Ben, in all his life,

never experienced a spiritual battle before and feared to comprehend that the Buddhist

was possessed. Ben realized he took back what he said and believed in miracles. Li Quan

told him demons are real too, and in America they are harder to see with because they are

more welcoming. That whole situation may have helped with Ben’s spiritual growth.

Ben went to visit Li Quan only for a short time as he conducted business in China.

Business is what Ben Fielding knows best and his life revolved around business as if it

was a planet and he was the moon. The couple of weeks that Ben stayed with Li Quan

helped change his life positively. Despite the fact that Li Quan lived in a shack, Ben

stayed and learned more of his friend. Li Quan confessed his true occupation, his life

story, his communist infested country, his goal, his illegal preaching, and problems with

the police. Ben offered to go where ever Li Quan went and support his every move as he

kept quiet about the illegal bible...
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