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BELTA Conference and Peer Support Review |

Learning from the Self and Others
Gopal Prasad Bashyal Chair, NELTA Palpa Branch, Presenter and Reviewer, Sixth BELTA International Conference, Dhaka, 2013
Dhaka became unexpectedly warmer after a week's unusual cold. The airhostess in Biman Bangladesh welcomed the passengers immediately after they stepped into its cozy comfortable cabin and made everyone laugh. She said, "Welcome to the cold winter in Bangladesh." Thanks BELTA people who had already informed us individually and through their website The plane flew high. It flew higher and much higher. It could scale the sky over the cloud; it made its way breaking the cloud; and I was sensing the thrill of its ascending height. It made me think about the height of my destination. The plane landed on Shahjalal International Airport. For me it was a beginning since I had not scaled any professional height so far. For me it was a move in the runway. For me this was the first attempt to offer myself as a competent learner in the crowd of such a mega ELT event outside Nepal. At the same time, I should collect some influences of the people and nature in Dhaka and around. It was January 16. The sun was slowly hiding into the horizon. George Pickering, the trainer for Peer Support Review (PSR), chased us to the Conference Hall on the sixth floor of Royal Park Hotel, Banani, where we were introduced with the BELTA Chapter representatives. The PSR training was enthusiastically entertained as the milestone for the strong foundation and active functioning of Teacher Associations (TAs) like NELTA, BELTA and SLELTA. The PSR was...
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