Believe in God Is Not Fallacy

Topics: Atheism, God, Existence Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Does an intelligent, powerful, and willful being exist who is the independent eternal uncaused cause of all the rest of existence? It is my thoughtful and rational conviction that such a being, commonly called God, does exist in reality and that all the rest of reality is dependent on this being for existence. I therefore would say I believe in God.

Now having the conviction that God exists is clearly a controversial position. Even as having the conviction that God does not exists is a controversial position. Human beings find this a critical part of their interpretation of reality and life. How one sees the world and their existence is significantly impacted the position one takes on this question.
The impression is given that those who have the conviction that God does exist are those who have a blind irrational faith and are beyond reason while those who do not believe in God are rational, objective, and reasonable. Now it is true that some who believe in God have a blind irrational faith and it is also true that there are those who deny the existence of God who do so without looking carefully at the arguments of both sides and thinking about it in an objective manner. There are theists and atheist who hold to their convictions primarily on emotional subjective grounds. This fact does not make theism or atheism more or less true. A true idea can be believed for bad reasons. This does not make it any less true. If there are sound reasons to believe in an eternal mindful energy that designed then why would this idea be so difficult for rational people to accept? It seems to me that there three main reasons why acceptance of God’s existence seems as a less simple explanation. 1. This is not the best of all possible worlds so how can it be created by a superior mind? 2. I have never experienced God

3. The implications of God’s existence would lead me to unacceptable conclusions about...
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