Beliefs of Brands

Topics: Mobile phone, Customer, Coca-Cola Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Beliefs of Brands

Many universities students and high school students keep pursuing famous brands. From clothes to mobile phones, even study articles like electronic dictionaries and pens, they are inclined to buy famous as well. This phenomenon has aroused wide attention. One of reasons or the main reason is that brands provide us with beliefs, provide people good trust, and provide the good feeling. A brand indeed provides us with beliefs, usually a good brand gives people a good trust, and the selling of a good brand is always on the top above the others. A bad brand always showed that nobody is willing to buy the products from it, and the selling of it is below far away from a good brand. For example, the selling of Coke Cola is always much better than other infamous brand. When people have a choice to buy a can of cola between Coke Cola and another unknown brand cola if they are in same price, for sure people will choose Coke Cola, because people know the brand- Coke Cola, people have a better trust on Coke Cola. A famous brand always provides a good customer service to people. A famous brand always has a good organization and many business teams stand at the back. They have a good operation system to support the brand. A popular brand can always exist for a long time, and the reason is that customers like it. When customers buy a product from a brand that means they are testing on it, a brand from unknown become famous it must be suffered by time. This ensured a famous brand can always provide people a good quality trust. Because a popular brand has an existence for long time, that provides itself a unique culture and history. The people could easily love this brand because of its culture and history, which can show their own favorite style. For instance, like PlayStation 3, people have good customer service after purchase PlayStation 3 because it is from a famous brand – Sony; also it is a big company in the world. That is typical example for the good...
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