Personal Brand

Topics: Concept, Marketing, Fatimah Pages: 4 (847 words) Published: March 21, 2009

TO: Dr. Kamal Ghose, Marketing 201 Human resource manager

FROM: Fatimah Zahra Tengku, Marketing 201 Student

DATE: 19 March 2009

SUBJECT: Fatimah’s personal brand statement


The impact of current recession towards potential graduating student is no doubt will be another reason that amplifies the need for a properly branded university graduate. This memo will have the basic idea of the branding definition, the vital personal information of the writer, and the analysis that will ultimately lead the point that will have Fatimah’s suggested development for her to be standing out in the current highly competitive employment reality.

Brand has always been associated with marketing. Thus brand can be assumed to possess the attributes of creating a product with the hope for achieving satisfying exchange between consumer and supplier. On the other side, McCarthy has defined brand as the usage of name, term, symbol or combination of these for identifying a product. This has appeared to be the most well accepted idea as from the consumer’s perspective, a brand allows them to quickly tell the quality and helps them to decide on their purchasing process.

The definition itself will not be enough without the discussion of branding advantages. This can be explained from the marketer’s point of view where a good brand promises the reduction in cost and increases the company’s profit. In addition, a good brand helps to improve the company image and accelerates the acceptance of new products marketed under similar name. Thus, imagine if the same concept is applied to an individual. This will be covered in the proceeding section.

By mastering the idea of branding, numerous benefits can be attained should the concept is properly applied to the product. As mentioned previously, this idea is also effective even when the product is an individual. Hence, when branding is applied to human being, the same advantages can be expected as...
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