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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Executive Summary
Branding has become one of the most powerful tools in the marketing strategy. A brand is the symbolic embodiment of all the information connected with a product or service and it usually includes a name, logo, and other visual elements such as images or symbols. People still use brands as a cue in their purchasing decisions. More and more often the term branding is used in connection to countries, which likes companies compete with each other and try to brand themselves using marketing and advertising tools to attract tourists, investors, talented specialists, businessmen, and create a fair and favourable image in the eyes of the world. Therefore in order to attract resources and “customers” to the country, political leaders and government in cooperation with private sector and citizens should create a Nation Brand to show the unique and attractive features of their nation.

The main drive of this process is globalization. As the world becomes more and more globalized with open markets, free capital movement and transparent borders, countries, which do not want to be blended together, make efforts to differentiate themselves from others by creating a State Brand with unique core message and composition. The field of nation branding research is still in its infancy and has no common theoretical base, definition and strategy. Moreover, country branding is already happening and impossible to ignore. This all makes this topic relevant for further research and investigation.

Present Thesis research tries to investigate various aspects of Nation brand construct and bridge theory and practice, work out possible definition for Nation branding, work out the Strategic Marketing branding strategy and analyze Taiwan as an example trying to apply strategic marketing branding strategy. Finally give some recommendations and policy implications, as well as give some directions for future research. The author will present the case analysis of Taiwan in...
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