Behavior Modification

Topics: Punishment, Reinforcement, Operant conditioning Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Gavin Ludwig
Behavior Modification

Having the ability to modify ones behavior is a trait that I wish to have. It takes so much time and determination for me to change a bad behavior, sometimes it feels like it’s not worth it. When the behavior is bad enough, like foul language, it gives me an incentive to work on it. Changing my use of inappropriate language in everyday life is really important to me for many reasons. First, it shows a lack of intelligence when I use language that is not appropriate. It shows that I cannot think of another way to fraise my sentence, so I don’t have to say certain words. Second, in formal situations, the use of foul language is not welcomed. Not being able to control what comes out of my mouth is a serious flaw that I see within myself. Lastly, it’s just not attractive. I have spoken with many people about what is a turn off to them; the one main attribute that sticks out is foul language.

There are several triggers that set off this type of behavior for me. One is when I do something stupid that ends up me getting hurt. Another trigger is when I find myself in a situation in which I cannot control. Most of the triggers that set this type of behavior off for me deal with pain and anger. Outside of those few moments, I feel like I can control my tongue. According to the lecture that Dr. Laura Terry gave the other day, she explained what types of reinforcements and punishments should be used. She defined reinforcements as a process by which a stimulus increases the probability that a preceding behavior will be repeated, meaning giving yourself gifts when you do what is right. I can reinforce my behavior when I do not use foul language for a day by giving myself a candy bar. Another reinforcement I can use is going to a movie if I stay clean for a week. Dr. Laura Terry also spoke of punishments one can use if cannot control their character flaw. She defined punishments as a stimulus that decreases the probability that...
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