Behavior Change

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  • Published : August 31, 2012
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Behavior Change Paper

I choose for my behavior change project not to eat fast food more than once a week. As an athlete, it is very important for me to have a good nutrition. But on the other side, as a human being it is tough to make always the right decision and just to eat healthy food. It was the only behavior change I could think about because I normally live very healthy. I do a lot of sports, my weight is perfect, and I also do not have any other health problems. I designed my project to limit fast food to once a week. I think it is a reasonable decision, as a balanced nutrition can handle bad input once a week. Also, I do not want to miss the taste of a good burger or some hot wings.

The problem I saw right from start is the oversupply of fast food restaurants in the US. In Germany I would probably limit my fast food consume to once every two or three weeks because we do not have that many franchise restaurant. I was really success with the plan I set because I knew if I eat healthy the whole week, I would get my reward on Sunday. I was really successful during my time as I worked towards my reward on every Sunday. My nutrition also affected my roommates as I told them about my project. They felt kind of inspired to slow down their fast food consume as well. I will definitely continue my plan because I had a good body feeling during that time.

I was good prepared for the reality. As I expected it was kind of tough to find time to cook some days. But I tried to plan everything in advance, which means that I sometimes cooked the food the night before to be able to grab a quick snack. Of course I thought about to buy a burger or pizza real quick, but I stayed mentally strong and ate an apple or banana instead. The people I counted on have not been always with me. My roommates love fast food and it was really tough not to grab something when they ask you if you want to. I always had to remind them that I am on my behavior change project.

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