Beck's Beer in Entering Vietnam's Market

Topics: Vietnam, Beer, Marketing Pages: 15 (4462 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Group members:
Nguyen Vu Khanh Dung
Luu Quy Tung
Vu Trung Duc
Phung Thi Quynh Chi
Le Thi Thanh Diep
Duong Thi Ha

1. Necessity:
In an international marketing, the marketing process is built carefully, strategies and goals are very important, so company needs to analyze market accurately to have right steps for marketing product strategy. In the new market, company always wants to express their strengths and competitive advantages for other competitors. So, they have to understand both Vietnam’s market and competitors. Then they find their strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages, 3Is and 4Ps. Thus, the studying international marketing is also very necessary in order to achieve effectiveness of performance.

2. Purpose of study:
3. Objective:
• Strengths and Weaknesses
• 4Ps
• 3Is
4. Method of study:
• Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Beck’s gold beer • Analyze 4Ps of Company when it expand to Vietnam:
- Product
- Price
- Place
- Promotion
• Analyze 3Is of Vietnam’s market:
- Immediate competition
- Impending competition
- Invisible competition
5. Structure of study:


1. Immediate competition:
Local competitors:
- Hanoi beer: Hanoi beer is the beer brand of Vietnam, it is popular with the North of Vietnam. Hanoi beer products of HABECO have an oldest developing history in brewery of Vietnam. HABECO has origin from Hommel brewery which was built by the French in 1890. After that, it is rebuilt and rename is Hanoi Beer Company. Up to now, Hanoi Beer is favoured too much in Vietnam because it is the local beer has good tastes, suitable with demand of customer. - Saigon beer: Saigon beer is the most popular brand in Vietnam. SABECO is established from so many years. It is developing strongly and sustainably in Vietnam’s market. The quality of the freshly brewed beer is qualified; it is thoroughly checked prior to final filtering and bottling. SABECO is the leading company in market development, distribution systems in the business of beer products in Vietnam with the consumption shares more than 35% market share. - Halida beer: Halida brand was launched in 1993; it appeared on the first years during the renovation of the country when the concept of brand and market economy in Vietnam is still new. Along with the growth of the media in Vietnam in the 90s, Halida brand has gained great development through the promotion of impressive images on mass media, especially television photos and publications. Nowadays, Halida creates awareness and consumer confidence. Global competitors:

- Heineken beer: Heineken beer is the beer of Netherlands. It is brewed by 40 breweries in 39 countries around the world. Because Heineken jointed in Vietnam from the long standing, so it has firmly position in Vietnam’s market. Consumers choose this product because it represents their style and level in social. In addition, it is also good taste, high quality, and reputation band in the world. Moreover, Heineken has many good advertising and marketing strategies which affect too much on customers. - Carlsberg beer: Carlsberg is a Danish brewing company founded in 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen. In 2009 Carlsberg is the 4th largest brewery group in the world employing around 45,000 people. With harvested, quality checked, and cared for, the resulting malt is the essence and importantly, the only grain used to make Carlsberg premium quality malt beer. Carlsberg affirms its quality and brand in Vietnam’s market and also global market. - Tiger beer: Tiger brand, the mighty tiger image, has long been known as a symbol of strong, dynamic and flexible. For young people, Tiger is not only a well-known beer, but also a symbol of strength, bravery asserted, rise up and desire to win - "passion for wining". From a local beer brand in Singapore, Tiger now has fame in the international arena with a great taste and...
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