What Is Guinness All About

Topics: Advertising, Guinness, Beer Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Case study: strategic marketing

What is Guinness all about?

1. Describe the brand image of Guinness in the western world.

Guinness is seen as well-known beer brand in Western countries. Consumers consider Guinness beer as a part of the culture, a heritage, a part of Irish history created 250 years ago. The brand is even older than Australia. It is “a taste you grow into or are culturally required to learn to love”. The brand means stability for many Irish and this is also a beer that is used to being for men. Moreover, slogans like “Guinness is good for you” increase its popularity.

2. Describe the brand image of Guinness in the other markets. Guinness beer is seen as the oldest beer in every market and Guinness has a long and established history through generations. Asian people even think Guinness is a brand from their country of origin. “In south-east Asia, a lot of consumers think that it is a local brand”. However, despite the traditional aspect of the beer, Guinness is known a contemporary and up-to-date beer. In Singaporean campaign: “he’s a real Guinness drinker” (1981), it is said that means if you can drink a Guinness you are a real men. This comforts men into drinking more beer to prove their masculinity. Another example is the “Believe” campaign in Asia where drinking Guinness is synonymous with a successful life.

Furthermore, “Korean people consider Guinness as the Mercedes of beers” so that it’s a beer synonymous with high-quality and style. The Asian perception of Guinness is closer to cognac, a luxury beverage to savour. You enjoy it with good food, often with family and friends and it is a must have in Chinese New Year celebration. Guinness is the beer that can mix the generations enjoy together Africa is also a continent very important considering a very high amount of sales and brewing. In Africa Guinness is seen as a premium brand.

3. Is Guinness a true global brand? Why? Why not?

A global brand is a brand...
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