Tiger Beer

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2.Survey Research
4.Marketing Mix
5.Conclusion and recommendations


Tiger beer is a household name in Singapore and it was a favourite beverage for any occasions that cab range from celebrations to social gatherings. The group decided to choose Tiger Beer as their marketing efforts and promotions were excellent, therefore the group decided to find out what makes Tiger beer marketing efforts and promotions so successful.

Launched in 1932, Tiger beer (Tiger) is Asia Pacific Brewery’s flagship brand. Over the years, Tiger Beer has seen beer drinkers globally acclaim Tiger as one of the finest in the world. It has consistently come out on top in world tastings, winning gold medals for its crisp, smooth, refreshing, well-balanced and flavorful taste. Tiger Beer's distinctive taste comes from its quality ingredients and meticulous brewing process that involves over 200 quality checks. This European-style lager is brewed using only the finest natural ingredients like malted barley from Australia and Europe and bitter hops from Germany. The former adds body and flavor to the beer which many beer fans love; while the latter gives the brew its characteristic bitter zest. What makes Tiger truly stand out is the special strain of yeast used in this bottom-fermented beer. This unique strain of yeast is specially cultured in Holland and it works slowly in the golden liquid at low temperatures instead of fizzling away on the surface of the 5% alcoholic brew. From brewing to the way it is served, Tiger is crafted to satisfy the thirst for the most refreshing and flavorful beer. An award-winning beer, Tiger has also accumulated over 40 accolades, awards and distinctions. Some of the more notable awards include a Gold medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards in 1998, the equivalent of “the Oscar Awards for the brewing industry”; and a Gold medal in the highly contested European-Style Pilsner category at the World Beer Cup 2004, which has been dubbed “the Olympics of Beer Competitions” by the beer industry. It also clinched a Gold Medal for the Australasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager category at the New Zealand International Beer Awards 2008. Each year from 2004 to 2006, Tiger was named a UK Cool Brand Leader. The recognition reaffirmed Tiger’s popularity and was given only to the coolest brands in the UK.

The research approach was done by using a survey with questions targeting at the general public views. This approach was chosen because it was best suited for gathering descriptive information and those are the information that the group needs to analyze. The survey was aimed at getting consumer’s preferences, tastes and buying behavior. The method used to contact consumers for their views would be by using online surveys and personal survey. It is because online surveys would be to target consumers who are tech-savvy and they would be likely to provide truthful views about Tiger Beer products. The targeted age group for online survey would be between 18 to 40 years old. As for the personal contact methods, current Tiger Beer promoters would be roped in to help in conducting the surveys. They would be the best candidates to conduct the surveys as they are the “ambassadors” on the ground and customers would likely be truthful to them as the customers would be comfortable with the promoters as compared to representatives from the company or even from a third party survey company as the customers would feel uncomfortable talking to strangers. Places for the personal survey to be conducted can ranged from discos to pubs to coffee shops so as to cover the various age groups and different types of professions which can be found at different places. The survey sample, using a mixture of stratified random sample and quota sample, will be...
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