Bdm Assignment 1

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This market research report is provided by the researchers and consultant of Acorn Co. Ltd, a marketing and research consultant company in Vietnam. The purposes of this report are to find out customers’ assessment of Lotteria products, services and the market demand in order to help Lotteria improves their products and services to satisfy customers more and more. By using primary data and secondary data, we can collect the satisfaction level of Lotteria customers and other demographic information. Then, all the data is analyzed by using frequency distributions, averages, dispersion and skewness, etc. Overall, we hope that this research would help Lotteria know how to improve their products and services quality, so that they can reach the highest level of customers’ satisfaction and become the best fast-food brand in Vietnam.

Nowadays, in modern life, fast-food has become popular in the world in general and in particular Vietnam. Following McDonalds – the most famous brand name in fast-food all around the world, at present, Lotteria, KFC and BBQ are also known in many countries in the world and including in Viet Nam. There is difference among McDonalds with Lotteria, KFC and BBQ. Three brand later focus on fried chicken as the main food in menu. Many people actually ate in Lotteria or BBQ or KFC many times but not much of them know clearly about three kinds of fast-food restaurants. Our research do not show all KFC, BBQ and Lotteria but the aim of our research will bring to us overview of Lotteria, the difference of Lotteria restaurant especially customers’ awareness with Lotteria’s service. Lotteria was founded in December 1979 in Korea. It developed a perfect and qualified fast food system with certificates such as RVA HACCP for safe food, ISO 140001 for environment and ISO 9001 for qualified service. At present, Lotteria is a leading international enterprise in Korean food service industry. For seven years, it had ranked first in Brand Power category granted by Korea Management Association. It was also voted for leading competitive brand with the title “Brand Stock” from brand evaluation agency. Appearing in Viet Nam in 2004, after six years has competitive with others fast-food brand names which Vietnamese had used habitually since many years ago, at present, Lotteria is brand well-known fast-food with Vietnamese. It was very welcoming by youth Viet Nam. “Lotteria” restaurant chain was established in order to supply customers the best favor, service, price and tidiness. Undergoing many years fast-food now is very popular to serve for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner Lotteria enhanced customer’s satisfaction with focus on speed, services and smile, base on the slogan “To feel what customer feels”. Lotteria promise to satisfy customers with friendly environment, cleanest, care services and nutritious food (Vietnam Lotteria Co., Ltd, n.d) In this report, the primary and secondary data as well as formulas on averages, quartiles, percentiles, coefficient of correlation are presented and explained in order to figure out how well Lotteria meets customer expectations.


Chapter 1: Research objectives and action plan
This research is performed to aim at three majority objectives as the following: * Find out the needs and the level of satisfaction on product and services provided by Lotteria. * Determine the strengths and weaknesses of Lotteria in Vietnam market. * Discover appropriate ways to help Lotteria improve their products and services. In order to accomplish the research, we need to collect both primary and secondary data. The detailed plan of how to collect these data will be provided below. II. RESEARCH ACTION PLAN

1. Primary data
We use 4 methods to obtain primary data, so that the bias will be reduced as much as possible, including personal survey,...
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