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  • Published : May 4, 2012
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Knowing your audience paper and Communication Release
March, 19, 2012

Knowing your audience paper and Communication Release

As we all know how important it is to use proper communication we also must ensure that the receivers of that message understand the information we are providing to them. Without checks and balances when conveying our thought process verbally or non-verbally it will ensure us our audience completely understands and not lead to confusion. As we will notice with the communication during the Chilean copper mine accident in South America. Knowing your audience proves to be even more significant when a company has to deal with the outcome resulting from a disaster. Understanding that families and workers need to me told in different manners is a key

On August 5, 2010, a small copper mine in northern Chile collapsed trapping inside of it 33 miners (Weik, 2010). The mining company Minera San Esteban Primera, had to take on the very difficult task of informing families and workers within the company about this fatal accident. The agents chosen by the company to handle these releases took great care in how straightforward and honest information was delivered in order to keep the company’s reputation intact. These miners were trapped some 300 meters underground they had limited oxygen supplies, little food, or water for such a catastrophe. Once news was leaked of the accident everyone glued themselves to their television from around the world to watch the story unfold not knowing whether or not these brave men would live to see the sun again. The fate of the miners was not immediately known - it took 17 days before a drill reached their refuge, discovering them alive and well (Boston.com, 2010). After a total of 69 days, the first worker was lifted to the surface amid much fanfare worldwide.

So now we ask ourselves how did the company which had a poor safety track record, perform such an outstanding job of damage...
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