Bba 8th Sem Report Purbanchal University

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1.1 Background

An internship is the period of supervision training required for qualifying for a profession. It follows a specified number of academic creditor and classroom years. An internship program is an educational plan which combines classroom theoretical knowledge and practical work experience in industrial, business, or government work situations. These help students to have opportunity to signify academic theories and principles to action, to test out career interests and to develop skills and abilities through carefully planned and supervised programs related to the career of their choice. Internship is a practical section of the BBA course required to be done by each and every BBA students. Internship is an applied form of knowledge which we have learnt in BBA till 8th Semester. Internship is just like a training section in which we get familiar with the corporate culture and gain practicability in our lifestyle. Hence, it is the way through which we can achieve our career objective. With its ultimate objective of educating students for professional pursuits in business, industry and government the Faculty of Management (FoM), TU has been continuously putting efforts towards providing quality education to the people. Furthermore, FoM has been contributing to increase the knowledge and understanding of business and public administration by offering various programs that best concede in achieving the objectives. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the programs offered by FoM with a view to fulfill the gap of Middle Level Managers in the job market with competent, practically able, socially responsive, creative and result-oriented management professionals. In its process of developing such professionals, BBA requires the students to gain an eight weeks experience as an intern that is expected to blend the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom with the real work environment. This report is the result of the requirement which includes the study based on the knowledge and experience acquired at PRIME BANK as an intern. The report tries to focus on the accounting procedure at the bank along with other relevant information.

1.2 Objectives of the Report
An internship program is organized with a main objective to provide student an opportunity to be familiarize with organization activities and environment. Further it also provides us with an opportunity for developing managerial skills by working in the organization. It is to evaluate and compare the theoretical aspect with the practical life, with also to identify the problem and their underlying causes with complying developing capabilities to evaluate potential solutions that optimize organizations Strength, Weakness, Potential Opportunities and competitive Threats. It also helps to develop strategic skills in student which helps to reduce the risk and weakness, and to hub opportunities and strength.

1.3 Methodology:
1.3.1 Organization Selection
Being the student of finance it was necessary for me to analyze the activities of financial sector, specially banking sector. For organization selection my college helped me to assessed the banking organizations. With the help of college I finally get a chance to do internship in Laxmi Bank Limited. Accordingly, I dropped Personal Application and College Recommendation Letter with CV (Curriculum Vitae) in the PCBLafter; I followed up regularly with human resource manager till I was appointed for the internship. Finally, I was appointed on June at PCBL on CSD. 1.3.2. Placement

During the internship period of eight weeks I was placed Customer Service Department (CSD),. The internship was really informative and beneficial. I would really like to thank the Human Resource (HR) department for my placement in the departments. 1.3.3. Duration of Internship

The bank granted me the internship period of eight weeks starting from Jestha 20, 2068 B.S to Shrawan 13,...
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