Batik Bentenan

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  • Published: April 9, 2011
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1.Business Description
Bentenan fabric is the North Sulawesi traditional fabric that developed into two types: Bentenan woven fabric and Bentenan print fabric, that produces in Bentenan Center located in Kolongan Atas II, Sonder Minahasa that managed by Karema Foundation (Kreasi Masyarakat Sulawesi Utara). This is a currently existing company in form of Foundation in which there is cooperation among some people that have same purpose to raise and conserve the North Sulawesi traditional fabric. This business was producing and selling Bentenan fabric that already tested by North Sulawesi people and also some people outside North Sulawesi. Besides, this business already had supplier arrangement and some workers and staffs. This business still a small business with the sales volume still depend on the demand quantity, small numbers of workers just about 10 people and some staffs, and less production facilities, distribution channel, and marketing effort. But, even though it still a small scale business, Karema succeeded build the quite strong brand image in North Sulawesi and introduced this Bentenan fabric in Indonesia. This is a promising business considering that textile and apparel industry with fashion as its branch is always develop every time and Bentenan fabric is a kind of textile that really interesting, valuable, and beautiful so it really suitable for made apparel products especially fashion products. Besides, as the national culture and North Sulawesi culture especially, government and society really support the development of this products. So now, we plan to expand this business from domestic business to export business. And in this case we will act as their export business planner. In order to expand this business, we will make some changes and arrangement such as in management structure, production volume, marketing, sales volume, human resource management, production facility, distribution channel, etc. We plan to export the products to Germany...
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