Barriers to Effective Communication

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Barriers to Effective Communication Paper
Almost everyone at some point in their life has experienced how frustrating it can be when you are feeling misunderstood, or the feeling when you are not able to get your message across. So therefore, you are unable to make yourself understood to that other person. Everything that could block the means of communication could become a barrier. Effective communication is your building block of a message that you are trying to send. To become an effective communicator you should be bold, and speak clearly. Secondly, paying attention to detail can ensure your grammar and spelling is properly maintained in either writing a letter or giving a presentation so that your final message is given and received clearly. Finally, it is important that you try to challenge yourself and other’s to continually overcome any barriers of communication that you may come across. Taking yourself and others to another level allows growth and higher forms of education in the aspect of communication, so that the barriers between communications become smaller each time that the communication process is being engaged. There are many barriers to effective communication. A few that will be discussed are the language barriers, the distraction barriers, false assumptions, spelling mistakes, as well as the defining of words properly. “It is said that there are about 94 different definitions of the word communication has for a meaning” states (Wallace & Robertson, 2009, p. 2). Another words, there are many people who have put together their own definition and meanings of the word: Communication. If we take a look at some steps that the communication process has, we can get a clearer understanding of how it works together to ensure that a message is delivered. (Wallace & Robertson (2009), also states these steps. Communication requires (1) transmitting an idea. In this step there is an implementation that this is a step in which there is a...
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