Factors That Inhibit and Support Communication

Topics: Emotion, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 5 (1384 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Factors that Inhibit and Support Communication
There are many factors of which inhibit and prohibit communication. These include emotional factors, individual needs, positioning and environmental factors. Environmental factors include the lighting of an environment, noise levels of the surroundings, physical barriers such as language differences or several disabilities. These can sometimes be inhibiting as certain factors could make it hard for the service user to understand information given, therefore this will affect the quality of communication. Also Service users often have serious emotional needs for example they are afraid or depressed due to the stresses they are experiencing. Sometimes service users will appear to be aggressive, shy or lack character. Listening involves learning about frightening and depressing situations and carers may avoid hearing nasty emotional feelings. These emotions can create barriers because care workers become tired with listening using a big part of mental energy, they can become emotionally stressed by the needs of service users, and they could also make assumptions, label or stereotype others. Factors How it may support communicationHow it may inhibit communication Positioning: positioning can create both physical and emotional barriers that inhibit communication. • Height

• Space
• Body postureIn discussion groups it is very important that everyone can see on another especially when non-verbal communication Is being used. To support this type of communication it is best to place service users in a circle to enable all those taking part in a discussion to receive non-verbal messages from everyone in the group.

Another reason why sitting in a circle supports communication is that it suggests that everyone is equal and that everyone is expected to communicate with everyone else. Also this freedom to communicate is also linked with creating a feeling of belonging.

If a person cannot see you this can inhibit communication.

Height could inhibit as leaning over somebody and looking down on them can send a message of dominance and power.

If the care worker is not at the same eye level as the service user, this may inhibit communication as this will make the service user feel you are more important than them and also not showing respect for them.

Another factor that can inhibits communication is positioning yourself to far from a service user who have hearing difficulties as many people with partial hearing use lip reading therefore if the care worker is too far away the service user may not be able to understand what they are saying. Emotional factors:

• Fear/happiness
• Self-esteem
• Trust
• Empathy
• Responsiveness
• Attentiveness
• RespectIf the care worker builds a supportive relationship with the service user this will also greatly influence communication. As if the care worker gains the service users trust they are more likely to share information.

By showing respect to service users will help meet their self -esteem needs and by being responsive means they will be responsive to you, also listening you will be able to build an understanding with who you are communicating with and this could lead to empathy within time.

Respect will also support communication because service users will see the service providers as being supportive therefore they will respond to you with respect and trust.

If there is a lack of trust between the two this will also inhibit the communication because the service user might not be able to trust the provider therefore information will not be correctly inclined correctly.

Also with emotional factors the care worker can inhibit communication as they may be tired which can result in them not listening properly to the service users’ needs as it takes mental energy and therefore may not take in...
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