Barilla Pasta: The Italian Food Company Since 1877

Topics: Barilla Group, Marketing, Italian cuisine Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: March 6, 2012
The purpose of this report is to analyze the four components of the marketing mix of the Barilla brand “The Italian Food Company Since 1877”. Pietro Barilla founded the parent company more than 125 years ago. Since it's founding, the privately held company has been run by four generations of the Barilla family, including up to the present day in Perma, Italy. The parent company has 27 factories, 15 of which are in Italy. Barilla sells it's products in about 100 countries, running 25 plants and marketing operations throughout Europe, South America, Australia, Mexico and the United States. This means that they have to understand who the customer is, location, the particular product in which he/she is interested, his/her buying habits and his/her financial conditions. The most appropriate variables used to identify the right segment for Barilla belong to different market segmentation variables. Demographic segmentation: Age: under 40 / Education: elementary to graduate / average income / Occupation: student, professional Cultural segmentation: social class: middle class / family life cycle: young to older Geographic segmentation: size of city: big cities and metropolitan areas Psychological segmentation: personality: health conscious or not Taking all these factors into account, it makes it easy for Barilla to target their market. When a person is over 40, it may be difficult to ask him/her to change their eating habits. This leaves the door open for Barilla to target people under the age of 40. Another important characteristic of Barilla's target is it's education level. The education is considered relevant because it is necessary to understand the nutritional benefits of pasta Barilla. Barilla can select it's ideal customer above described because it is an overall effective target. Barilla has been able to differentiate themselves by promoting family. Barilla believes that the dinner table is much more than a place to eat. It's the belief that food and...
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