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Purpose of the report Pg.6
Macro Environmental FactorsPg.7
Economic FactorsPg.7
Demographic FactorsPg.7
Technological FactorsPg.7
Social FactorsPg.7
Political FactorsPg.7
Micro Environmental FactorsPg.8
Scope of the ReportPg.9
Audit TypePg.9
Timing Pg.9
Audit MethodologyPg.10
Characteristic of the auditPg.10
Marketing Environmental – MacroPg.10
Marketing Environmental – Micro Pg.11
Marketing Strategy AuditPg.11
Marketing ObjectivesPg.11
Marketing Organisation AuditPg.11
Formal StructurePg.11
Functional EfficiencyPg.11
Interface EfficiencyPg.12
Marketing System AuditPg.12
Marketing System InformationPg.12
Marketing Planning SystemPg.12
Marketing Control SystemPg.12
New Product Development SystemPg.12
Marketing Productivity AuditPg.13
Profitability AnalysisPg.13
Cost-Effectiveness AnalysisPg.13
Marketing Function AuditPg.13
Sales ForcePg.14
Conclusions and RecommendationsPg.14

Report Title:Sarto’s Gourmet Plaza

Prepared for:This report was prepared for Sarto’s Gourmet Plaza

Prepared by: The report was prepared by a research company, in company with Ready-Made Marketing.

Date:This report was completed in December 2008

Purpose of Report:Ready-made marketing engages a conduct a marketing audit on their client, Sarto’s Gourmet Pasta. The audit is to cover macro and micro environmental factors, and the internal marketing operations including the marketing organisation, systems and productivity. Sarto’s will make available existing research data, internal sales data and details of their supply chain logistics. The purpose of this audit is to research the Graceville trading area and its place in the wider Australian community, while specifically targeting the pasta restaurant trade. Priority of the audit is to uncover the key factors that have inhibited the client’s ability to achieve the objectives of the market plan. The audit is to make findings in relation to the marketing plan, culminating in a report that compares the marketing plan assumptions with actual findings. It is expected that the report will follow the outline of the marketing plan.

Macro Environmental Factors

Economic Factors| Based on economic forecasts, Sarto’s Gourmet Pasta assumes that interest rates are coming down and that this reduction will create more disposable income and more money available for families to eat out. In terms of available credit, Sarto’s assumes that this will not change in the foreseeable future and will not be a threat to the potential sales. The same assumption is made about employment levels, where Sarto’s assumes that unemploymentlevels remain the same at 5.1%.| Demographic Factors| Male and female. * Ages 25‐50, this is the segment that makes up 53% of the Graceville market according to the Graceville Chamber of Commerce. * Young professionals who live close to the location. * Have attended secondary and have further education. * An income over $60,000.The target market tends to eat out several times a week and also tend to patronize higher quality restaurants.| Technological Factors| Non Applicable|

Social Factors| The number of hours of the demographic is working is increasing. Over the last five years the number of hours spent at work of their archetype customer has significantly increased. As the number of work hours...
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