Banking concept of education

Topics: Teacher, Education, Pedagogy Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Banking concept of education: My past years in high school you can say I experienced the banking concept, which Freire , the author of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” described as teachers making deposits while students memorize and receive the messages without a full understanding. It was my sophomore year and it was a math class. My teacher Mrs. Packer had the same lesson plan every day, notes then go over homework answers but even though I did not like math, I found the homework fairly easy because the answers were in the back of the book. Mrs. Packer would go over the homework without showing us or even checking to see if we showed any type of work to get the answers. When she did notes for a new lesson I look back and realize I was memorizing the methods rather than understanding them and it showed on my test scores. It was like memorizing the concept four times four equals sixteen but when seeing the problem four to the fourth power that’s when it got difficult. At the end of the year I still felt as if I gained nothing, I had taken in knowledge that I could not even explain. I was ready to pull my hair out, knowing math was that subject where you need to know one step to understand the next, and here we were on chapter 18 and I am learning nothing from my teacher’s lesson plan. My classmates and I definitely became receiving objects as we set there and took in a year’s worth of work with nothing to show for it.

Problem-posing system of education: In my recent college course sociology 101 I had an amazing teacher. He was funny and nice also good at explaining things in a certain way. Since it was a sociology my professor was really open to discussing so many topics which made it fun and interesting for us we forgot we were learning. My professor communicated clearly with us and most of the time he would even give us a choice on what we would want the next topic to be. The professor used the problem-posing technique because he wanted to hear our ideas and...
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