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Course Code: F-306

Submitted to: Tazrina Farah
Dept. of Finance
University of Dhaka

Submitted by:
Masud Ahmed| |
Kazi Umme Sumaiya| 16-022|
Khaleda Aziz| |
Akhter-E-Tamanna| |
Arjumand Naznin| 16-120|
Shahriar Azad Shashi| 16-142|
Sameya Azad| |
Tasrifa Sultana| 16-154|
Mohammad Mominuzzaman Bhuiyan| |
Mst. Shamsunnahar| 16-176|

Date of Submission: 21st Nov, 2012

Letter of Transmittal|

21st November, 2012
Tazrina Farah
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Dear Madam
Here is a report on the “New business Idea”. In this report we have presented the whole Market and Demand analysis of our new business of bamboo furniture named ‘Oitijjho- the heritage of Bangladesh ’ .

At University of Dhaka, we appreciate having this assignment. If you need any assistance in interpreting this report or if you have any query, please contact with us on the given mail address Sincerely yours,

KAzi Umme Sumaiya
On behalf of the group
3rd Year 6th Semester
B.B.A 16th Batch
Department of Finance.

Table of Contents|

Sl no.| Contents| Page no.|
1.| Executive Summary| |
2.| Business Idea| |
| 2.1| Firm & Promoters| |
| 2.2| Why to behave entrepreneurially| |
3.| Industry & Competitive Analysis| |
| 3.1| Introduction to overall furniture industry of Bangladesh| | | 3.2| Bamboo in general| |
| 3.3| Environmental advantages of bamboo| |
| 3.4| Bamboo furniture versus wooden Furniture| |
| 3.5| Porters five forces model of industry analysis| | 4.| Goals & Objectives| |
5.| Business & Operational Plan| |
| 5.1| Business process| |
| 5.2| Business start-up activities & cost| |
| 5.3| Product line| |
6.| Marketing Plan| |
| 6.1| Target market| |
| 6.2| Market segmentation| |
| 6.3| Marketing Mix| |
7.| Organizational Plan| |
8.| SWOT & Social Cost Benefit Analysis| |
9.| Risk Analysis & Mitigation| |
10.| Financial Plan| |
| 10.1| Proforma Income Statements| |
| 10.2| Proforma Balance Sheet| |
| 10.3| Proforma Cashflows Statements| |
| 10.4| NPV & IRR| |
| 10.5| BEP Analysis| |
| 10.6| Ratio Analysis| |
11.| Conclusion| |
12.| Assumptions| |
13.| Appendix| |

1. Executive Summary|

Bamboo can be seen as a very suitable, eco-friendly and easy usable substitute for wood. But it is considered as an inferior material in Bangladesh. Since bamboo mainly grows in rural bamboo areas where daily income is below $2, - (below poverty line) it is seen as a poor-man’s-material. People don’t even know the difference between bam-boo (a grass) and rattan (a tree) and its distinguished species. This is due to little information and knowledge about bamboo and its possibilities. So we have taken our idea to introduce its possibility. The name of our firm will be “Oitijjho- the heritage of Bangladesh”. We have selected the name because through this business we will manufacture and trade furniture made of bamboo. As well as these environmental advantages, bamboo furniture looks great due to its fine grain that allows for detailed design features. It also is incredibly strong and durable and is highly resistant to warping due to atmospheric changes such as high humidity. Our company will be a private ltd. company with 10 shareholders who will have equal equity and rights in the firm. All the shareholders will provide equal amount of capital and have equal proportions of profit. Before taking this project we have completed a projected market and demand analysis. First we have done industry analysis. Our furniture industry is mostly dominated by the wooden furniture. As entrepreneurs we have decided to enter into the furniture industry with bamboo furniture because it will be both less competitive...
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