Ballad of the Tiger

Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: January 10, 2013
A Real Tiger
There once was a tiger that lived in a zoo
He was very young and had a facial expression of steel
His coat was as orange as a sunset in the afternoon sky
But was the tiger real?

One day curiosity crawls through the tiger’s cage
And what started as a friendly gesture became a deadly feel
Soon the boy was slaughtered and his body was sliced tomatoes The tiger was definitely real.

The keepers wanted to get rid of the tiger
Because of his delicious kill
But he’s the only animal in the whole entire zoo
The tiger is too real.

Every day the tiger is conflicted in his spirit
He asks himself, “Am I a monster? I just want a decent meal.” The keepers kept on feeding him meat as if it were a joke
There is a fake habitat, but the tiger is real.

Everything around him is artificial.
He is teased by talking rocks and walking meat like a veal
He wants to consume it
But is stuck in his cage; the tiger is real

He is confused and directionless
When he roars, all the people should kneel
But people just use their phones and take pictures
He loses his determination but the tiger remains real

“Am I a tiger? Are you sure? I don’t feel like one”
He becomes depressed and has to remain a circus seal
He has to entertain and be facetious
But the tiger is still real

“ROARRRR” The tiger shrieks
Everyone observes and is intrigued; they think he’s not real. He remains overwhelmed.
He is intimidating and real.
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