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Topics: Sustainability, Business, Sustainable development Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Subject: Sustainability Title: Finance Department Sustainability Role


In the video from the link Debora Parrish, the CFO of Straus family creamery is being interviewed by Bill Roth about Sustainability, with regard to running a business enterprise like the one she does. The venue seems to be the business premise that is owned by Debora’s family. In the video, Debora outlines some of the most important issues to put into consideration when running a business in order to achieve sustainability. As evident from the video, Debora uses the knowledge and experience gathered from running the business to share some of the tips and lessons she has gathered. The video gives and highlights the most important factors that can sustain any business entity. The brief explanations she gives in the video helps to understand the main points.

As one of the important things that Debora mentions, sustainable business practices can be used as some guidelines to ensure that every business entity achieves sustainability, while at the same time being able to make their profits. This means that businesses would be able to meet their targets of profits, be able to sustain their workers and make sure that people do not interfere with the main purpose of sustaining the business and the planet. This is in consideration of the fact that people and businesses rely on the resources that are generated by the planet. With every business targeting to make profits, the planet should not get depleted just because of the projections of the business entities, there needs to be a balance among people, the business targets or profits, and the planet’s state of resources.

Sustainable development is defined as the one that has the ability to deliver the requirements or needs of the business entity without affecting the potential of the next generation to be in position to respond to their own needs. Sustainability and the...
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