Bba Unit 2

Topics: Sustainability, Natural environment, Ecology Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: August 3, 2012
Share your thoughts on sustainability. How important is it for sustainable business practices to take hold in order for a business to succeed in today’s business environment? For example, does a green company impact your choice when purchasing products?

Sustainability to me in the business world means that an organization operates environmentally responsible and safe. The different methods utilized and products produced must have no harmful effects on the environment due to their existence. It is imperative for all businesses to be sustainable and find ways to incorporate it in order to be able to succeed in today’s business environment. This process has become part of the new and changing culture and different competition method. Yes a green company does impact my choice when I purchase my cleaning products from the local grocery store. I pay the extra money, but at the same time I know I am doing my part by taking care of the environment. I will base this answer on my every day involvement into the work processes within the telecommunications company that employs me today. Sustainability is extremely important in today’s production driven society. Every company can come up with a way to push a product in which they manufacturer, but to sustain it is another story. In our company, we measure not only the quantity of production, but also the quality of the product. Our processes are constantly reviewed to validate if automation can be used to reduce human error and streamline costs. When the final product is followed down the flow chart and automation is tracked on proficiency or timeliness and quality, we turn our attention and measure the human/manual handling as well to see if there are any breakdowns. To reach a goal is one thing, but to sustain it means that you have processes in place that will support the steps in detail to create a quality product at a good price for consumers to purchase. If you cannot sustain the process, you will not only fail...
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