Case: a Campaign Against Kfc Corporation

Topics: Management, Animal rights, Sustainability Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: June 30, 2011
Introduction Organizations should be treated as an-on going concern . This is because there are a lot of revisions needed whether it is through reengineering ,information system or its workforce so that the organization would be able to stand against competition . Organizations are made up of people who are responsible for certain operations in different fields and are thus inherently complex . Since change or revisions are the basic things that are needed in the organization , it is imperative that leaders must understand that a change to one component will always generate a rippling effect on other surrounding components (Abraham et al , 1997 .Therefore , decision making should be done carefully and accordingly .Sustainability can be thought of as a way of protecting the options that are present . Sustainable development actually needs a fundamental shift from the traditional or routinely activities involved within the organization to a circular approach of borrow-use return . It offers a compelling strategic paradigm for guiding business in contributing to the society ‘s desire for balanced progress towards economic prosperity ,social justice and environmental quality . If sustainability is accepted by the organizations , they should be able to understand the need of exploration and innovation as much as prescription and planning is needed . It frees the creative potential of the human mind and maximizes the potential for deeper learning within the boardroom . As a part of the business strategy , it has the ability to help the business performance of your organization to be superior and prosperous .Currently , the world ‘s most popular chicken buckets restaurant is in hot water and being complaints by the animals ‘ activist called PETA for an inhumane method of killing chickens for their 850 million buckets supply of chicken . According to PETA , chickens are carelessly slaughtered everyday chickens ‘ throats are slit and put into tanks of boiling water in...
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