Avoid Waste Natural Resources

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  • Published : February 21, 2011
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How to prevent waste natural resources? People do not know about some natural resources are knocking out! But how people can prevent that? There are artificially substances that are introduced into the air. All this stuff is wasting all the natural resources that Earth planet has in. There are three reasons that naturals resources are knocking out. Air pollution, trash on the ground, and tree felling. Firstly, I think that we can reduce usage of vehicles that works with gasoline, diesel or any kind of fuel, however, there are new kinds of vehicles named “hybrids” They work with electricity and fuel, for example, in the city they work with electricity, then when you get the highway or freeway the car detects a constant speed and it switches automatically to fuel to reduce O2 emissions. Secondly, there are too many people that throw trash on the ground; there is one of the reasons that natural resources can knock out. People can recycle all the trash, and not throwing on the street. It also causes air pollution and ground pollution. Finally, too many people like cut trees to manufacture wood furniture, and it affects too much to the environment, it also causes that naturals resources are knocking out, that is a big problem in these years, because little by little, month-by-month, year-by-year we are getting big problems with natural resources. In conclusion I suggest, that we must walk to save fuel and you can do exercise or you can take the bus or if you have enough money to buy a hybrid car you can buy it and sell your old car and save money and save the environment, try to throw the trash in the correct places, do not throw it on the street, and don’t cut trees because trees take up the O2 and they switches to natural oxygen. That is the way to prevent tree felling, air pollution, and trash on the ground.
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