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Topics: Recycling, Pollution, Reuse Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: March 15, 2013
We reside in a world where it is simply easier to throw things out than to fix them. Some argue that the benefits of recycling don’t hold up to the cost of the recycling process itself. Separating the recyclables from non-recyclables and throwing out used goods then hauling all it off to some place where they do the process all over again seems like a lot of time, fuel, and energy. But what is more important? The time we take to throw things away or the time we have left on this pretty green planet by being sustainable? We all have one responsibility as a whole and recycling is in and not recycling is out.

The environment can only sustain the world so much before it becomes unsustainable. Recycling is an important step to reduce the waste we generate. The less use of our natural resources and the more use of our recycled products protects us from more air pollution, water pollution, and also saves energy. Reusing what we have not only saves resources but also landfill spaces. Making the change from plastic to paper or even carrying our own bags into the store is easy and also saves thousands pounds of floating debris from entering the ocean. Everything can be reused to make something new just like taking our old useless goods to a thrift store, and now that trash is someone else’s treasure. All it takes to get our foot in the door for recycling is a few separate bins for paper products, aluminum, all plastics, and glass to help pave the way for a better day.

Although, some people don’t realize the severity of the earth’s condition. The use of all of our natural resources to make miniscule things that we just throw away and burry is taking a toll on this planet. The landfills that we throw our trash in emit greenhouse gases that pollute the air and contaminate water. The trash that doesn’t make it to the landfill sometimes ends up in the ocean causing death to many marine life animals as well as polluting the waters. Not only are the trees that take...
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