Topics: Air traffic control, Pilot certification in the United States, Pilot licensing and certification Pages: 8 (1758 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Spring 2013

Instructor:Mark Richardson
Phone:253-833-9111 ext. 4708
Office Hours: 11:00 - 12:00 Monday-Thursday
TC 129
Email: mrichardson@greenriver.edu

Course Description:
Includes aerodynamics, navigation, weather, communications, regulations, flight physiology, weight and balance and other subjects preparatory to the FAA Private Pilot written exam.

Materials For Course:
Text: Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
ASA Test Prep for Private Pilot (blue book)
Seattle Sectional Chart
E6B Flight Computer: Manual or Electronic
Navigation Plotter

Learning Objectives:
The student will obtain the necessary aeronautical knowledge and meet the prerequisites specified in Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations for the private pilot certificate. This class is taught using the lecture and discussion method. Stage tests are given following each stage and a final comprehensive examination is given.

Instructional method: Lecture, video presentation, computer data projection and discussion. Study assignments may be done on in-class computers or at home.

Student Code of Conduct:
Refer to GRCC catalog (2006-2008) pages 215-224

Course Outline:

Stage 1Basic AerodynamicsChpt. 2-4

Stage 2Aircraft SystemsChpt. 6

Stage 3Flight InstrumentsChpt. 7

Stage 4RegulationsFAR/AIM

Stage 5Procedures and Airport Operations Chpt. 13,14,16,17

Stage 6WeatherChpt. 11

Stage 7Weather ServicesChpt. 12

Stage 8Weight and Balance, Performance Chpt. 9

Stage 9 Enroute Flight (lesson 9) Chpt. 15
Navigation (lesson 10)
Communication Procedures (lesson 11)

Test at the end of each stage plus a comprehensive final.

Campus-wide Outcomes: Green River Community College has identified ability areas that we believe encompass knowledge and are the most important skills, behaviors, attitudes, and values that students will need in order to be successful after leaving the college. Among these ability areas, this class will address Responsibility, Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Written & Oral Communications. Outcomes in these ability areas and where they will be demonstrated in your work are listed below.

1.Student demonstrates knowledge of and a willingness to accept stated/agreed upon expectations, policies, behavior, and procedures. 2.Student demonstrates accountability (punctual and ready to learn), integrity (does own work and pulls own weight in collaborative tasks), initiative (seeks help when needed), and tolerance (develops awareness of own biases). 3.Student actively and appropriately interacts with others respecting everyone's opinion. Demonstrated by preparedness for lectures and discussions, handing assignments in on time, and group accountability.

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning:
1. Student evaluates and interprets information / data.
2.Student recognizes which processes or methods are appropriate for solving a given problem, and correctly implements those processes. 3.Student demonstrates the ability to estimate a solution to a presented problem 4.Student translates data into various formats such as graphs, tables, formulas, and sentences. Demonstrated through your answers in class, on projects, homework, and tests.

Critical Thinking:
1.Student provides reasons for the conclusions they reach and assess the relevance and adequacy of those reasons. 2.Student connects past learning with current topics.
Demonstrated through your explanations in class, on projects, assignments, and tests.

Written & Oral Communications:
1.Student demonstrates involvement with the material by expressing a clear
sense of purpose, unity, and focus in their writing or speaking. 2.Student demonstrates clear organization of their thoughts in written and oral communications. 3.Student demonstrates well-organized and...
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