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Topics: Psychology, Education, E-mail Pages: 6 (1699 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Miami-Dade College
Social Sciences Department
CLP 1006 Psychology of Personal Effectiveness – Virtual Blended Reference # 705503, 705504
Monday or Wednesday 10:00—10:50am
Fall Semester 2012 (2012-1) 8/27-12/21/12
Instructor Information:
Classroom: 4205 Office Location:Room: 6206-22 Social Sciences Meeting Dates / Times: Telephone: 305-237-2307 M or W 10-10:50a.m
EMAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME! Office Hours:M-F 7:00a.m. – Noon. By Appointment
Course Description:
This is an applied psychology course which emphasizes understanding of the principles of effective human behavior and applying these to the areas of personal awareness, interpersonal relations, communication, and work/career development. Prerequisites / Co-requisites: None

Credits: CLP 1006 is a 3 credit course.
Textbook:(REQUIRED – will be used in class and for written assignments) Essential Elements for Effectiveness: Optimal functioning through positive psychology (5th Ed.). Abascal, J. R., Brucato, L., Stephenson, P., & Brucato, D. (2009). Please bring your textbook to class for every class. The text will be referred to during lecture, and text assignments will be administered both for in-class and out-of-class activities. All reading / out-of-class assignments noted for a given class day (see Tentative Schedule / Due Dates) are expected to be completed by students PRIOR to the class period in question. If necessary, copies of all social sciences textbooks including the course text are on file at the reference desk of the MDC - Kendall Library (2nd floor building 2). These books cannot be checked out for extended periods and may only be used by a given student for two hours per visit. Course Activities:

Class activities will include three examinations, lectures, readings, class discussions over assigned readings, Virtual Blended Discussion Questions, a written film critique assignment, and a conflict resolution paper. Activities have been outlined on the course schedule within the syllabus (see Tentative Schedule / Due Dates). Participation in class discussions is paramount for the success of a course of this type as in-class lectures / discussions will both cover text material and extend to current topics not covered in the text. Thus, attendance and in-class participation in discussions is highly important to students’ success in the course. Course Competencies:

Competency 1: THE STUDENT WILL EXPLORE THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES REGARDING PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS BY: a. describing an overview of the major theoretical approaches to personality and human behavior. b. analyzing the theory of self-concept and the factors involved in its development, relating this to personal behavior. c. Distinguishing the causes and characteristics of high and low self-esteem and the relationship of these to behavior. d. Discovering the holistic nature of humankind including the cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical influences on behavior.

a. demonstrating knowledge of stress, its sources, and the physical, psychological, and behavioral outcomes b. applying effective stress management theory
c. demonstrating effective self-management in the use of resources such as time, money, and personal assets.

Competency 3: THE STUDENT WILL UNDERSTAND THE THEORIES OF HEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS BY: a. describing how these theories apply to family, friends, social groups, work teams, and culturally diverse groups b. practicing effective verbal and non verbal communication c. applying effective listening skills

d. applying theories related to assertive behavior practicing conflict resolution skills and analyzing the process

MDC Learning Outcomes:

The 10 MDC Learning Outcomes *|
1. Communication Skills|...
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