Autism Treatment and Therapy

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  • Published : August 9, 2012
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Autism Treatment & Therapy

A: Always, U: Unique, T: Totally, I: Intelligent, S: Sometimes, M: Mysterious,” by CafePress. Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects certain parts of the brain and lets the child view the world in a different way then we do. There is sadly no known cure for autism, but there are ways of treating it. Autism can be managed with different types of treatments and therapies. So how do you tell if your child has autism? Do you know what is wrong with them? Well there are many signs that tell you if your child has a mild to extreme case of autism, and I’ll explain to you the signs of autism, the things wrong, therapy, and treatment. “Some signs that may lead you to believe that your child has autism are: if your child has no big smiles after 6 months; if your child has no facial expressions after 9 months; if your child does not babble or do back-and-forth jesters after 12 months; if no words or loss of speech by 16 months (Roberts). If the child demonstrates some of these signs then it could be coincidence or it could not be. Further more there are things that are not normal with children that have ASD. Children with autism have trouble communicating and understanding people. Some are very sensitive to sounds, touches, smells, or sights that are normal to others. Some might do repeated movements like rocking back and forth. Self hurt and attachment to objects are just a few of the things that could be wrong with the child with ASD (Roberts).” But there is hope, with these problems there is a solution, therapies and treatments. “Autism therapies attempt to lessen the abnormal behaviors associated with autism and other spectrum disorders, and to increase quality of life and functional independence of autistic individuals. Treatments typically fall into two categories, education intervention and medical management.” (Roberts). In addition to this, there are more types of ways to treat autism. There is no cure for ASD. Therapies and...
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