Rain Man the Movie

Topics: Autism, Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman Pages: 4 (1435 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Rain Man is a movie directed by Berry Levinson. The movie won best picture in 1988. This movie is about a man Charlie Babbitt, played by Tom Cruise. In the beginning of the movie Charlie suddenly learns of his estranged and wealthy father’s death. After the funeral, Charlie is read his father’s last will and testament. He then finds out that he is not to be included in the estates finances. This news is somewhat disturbing to Charlie. He questions the lawyer to find out who the money has been left too. Charlie finds out that the three million dollars had been left to an un-named trustee. Charlie is determined to find out who this unnamed trustee is, and why his father would leave so much money to him. Through some digging Charlie finds that the trustee is a man that lives at a mental institution. Charlie goes there to check out the institution and ask questions. At the institution Charlie runs into his long lost autistic and institutionalized brother. It takes him awhile to put the pieces of the puzzle together because Charlie was never told that he had a brother. Charlie is still angry about not inheriting his father’s money, and is very confused about the news of having an autistic brother. Charlie decides to take his brother away from the institution, and back with him to Los Angeles. The news of having a brother is a big shock to Charlie, the fact that his brother has autism is very difficult for Charlie to deal with. Charlie’s brothers name is Raymond Babbitt he is played by Dustin Hoffman. Raymond is not allowed to leave the institution for longer than two hours, so it takes some manipulation on Charlie’s part to finally convince Ray to go with him to Los Angeles on this lengthy cross country road trip. Charlie had to promise Ray that he would take him to a major league baseball game. During the excursion Charlie slowly learns more about Raymond’s condition. It’s very challenging for both of them along the way. Charlie slowly learns how to adjust to all of...
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