Author's Purpose Lesson Plan

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Student Name: Denise DeGaramoDate: February 16th, 2011 Lesson Grade Level: 3Allocated Time: 1-2 days (30-45 min) Content Area: Literacy Setting: Whole Class/Small Groups Topic: Author’s Purpose Lesson Standards: 0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished Next Generation Sunshine State Standards

LA.A.2.2.2: The student identifies the author’s purpose in simple text. LA. The student will identify the author’s purpose (e.g., to inform, entertain, or describe) in text and how an author’s perspective influences text. LA. Identify a text’s features to establish a purpose for reading. LA.A.2.2.3: The student recognizes when a text is primarily intended to persuade. Instructional Objectives:0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished * TSW be able to tell what the author’s purpose is in their writing passage in a book, magazine, or letter. * TSW be able to give examples of persuasive, entertain or informational writing. * TSW be able to know the reason why the author is writing the passage.

Assessment:0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished * Informal observation through discussions and retelling of the examples by the students. * Student’s knowledge of the examples brought in.

* Answers to the Grab Bag activity.

Materials and Equipment: 0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished * Three types of Literacy (Informational, Entertainment, and Persuasive) * Newspapers (for Group Activity)

* Scissors (for Group Activity)
* Activity work sheets (Homework to do with parent(s)
* Grab bag with different writing samples (do as a class) * Passage from Anne Frank’s Diary
* Prior knowledge work sheet.

* Inform, persuasive, entertain, and author’s purpose (work sheet)

* The students will be divided into small groups. Together they will cut out one of each of the Author’s Purposed from the Newspaper. They will decide among themselves which person will present which purpose to the class.

Literacy Connection:
* Passage from Anne Frank’s Diary

Instructional Procedures:

Introduction:0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished Introduce the Strategy ~ Tell students that today they will learn how to identify an author’s purpose when they read. Good readers identify an author’s purpose by asking themselves whether an author wrote a passage to entertain, to explain, or to persuade.

Step-by-Step Strategies:0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished 1. Activate prior knowledge
a. Hand out 1st work sheet ~ do together on White Board (bring in from Lesson 10) pg 106 in student’s text book. b. Show the student a variety of books, magazines, textbooks, and flyers. Discuss with the students why the author wrote them. After discussing: c. List on the board the three categories ~ Inform, Persuade, Entertain ~ ask the students for some examples of their own ~ there are no right or wrong answers at this point. ~ revisit the list as the end of the lesson 2. Go over the three main reason for writing and give examples: a. Inform/Explain - Directions to a new game, a list of classroom rules, a biography of George Washington. b. Entertainment – Mostly fiction - Funny rhymes or poems, fantasy or mysteries or something that makes them laugh. c. Persuade – A magazine to purchase something, a flyer getting you to believe something or go with the author’s point of view or opinion. 3. Read passage from Anne Frank’s Diary ~ Ask student what the Author’s purpose is? 4. Organize students to work in small groups to complete the Work with the group activity. 5. Hand out the newspapers to each...
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