Australian Open

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About The Australian Open
Since 1972 the Australian Open has been held in Melbourne, Victoria. The tournament is held in Melbourne in the Australian summer, in the last fortnight of the month of January; an extreme-heat policy is put into play when temperatures reach dangerous levels. The tournament was first known as the Australian Championships, and then in 1969 became the Australian Championships, in 1927 Australian Open. Since 1905, Australian Open has been staged in five cities in Australia and New Zealand as follows: Melbourne (55 times), Sydney (17 times), Adelaide (14), Brisbane (7 times), Perth (3 times), Christchurch (1906), and Hastings (1912). Although in 1905, the game does not specify a Grand Slam title, until 1924, by the International Lawn Tennis Federation Conference in 1923. Event structure of the Commission to change the game, including the then planting.

A foodservice director/system has many options for food production and service. Most foodservice directors inherit a foodservice system, but may make modifications to that the system or select and build a new system. The planning process will be lengthy and very complex in the number and types of plans that will be required.

Food Services System
For the menu that is a primary control of the food service system, and it is a sales tool for the operation. Food service director also has many options for food production and food service. When planning the menu, the menu planner must be knowledge in foods, management and finances.

For food, (1) This system can makes customers think of fresh and homemade food products, which mean they really want the food equate with quality. (2) Food production provides the opportunity to have more quality control in the food served, including the consistency of products throughout many service sites. (3) Must be know the yields and food recipe, if do not know the recipe, how can make the food for customers? If menu planner do not know preparation, plating, service and equipment, how can they control the restaurant or employee?

For finances, (1) lower food and supply costs can be significant cost savings from purchasing food and supplies in the very large quantities needed for one very large operation rather than for several smaller operations (Berry, 1998). Also, most food will be purchased near end of the food processing continuum, where food costs are lowest. (2) Labor costs and total number of employees can be reduced significantly using central food production. The high production quantities provide opportunities to increase productivity. This is an especially important selling point in today’s environment where labor is scarce and expensive. (3) Also the Large centralized facilities provide the opportunity to have a great deal of purchasing power. Supplier/vendor issues such as delivery schedules, order size, quality control, and return policies may be reduced or eliminated. Vendors often make deliveries to only one location, which also can save money in purchasing. Purchases such as milk and bread probably still will be delivered to the individual schools. Some operations may negotiate with a prime vendor to deliver some items directly to schools while still getting pricing based on overall purchases in the district.

For Management, (1) Some of the equipment and processes in a central food production facility require more technical skills than are needed in a conventional foodservice system. For example, bakers may be needed to complete the more complex quantity baking that would be done. (2) If equipment fails, the impact is far greater for a central production facility than if a piece of equipment failed in a school kitchen. Efforts will be required to reduce the downtime of equipment. Preventive maintenance will be extremely important. Maintenance personnel dedicated to a facility is essential.

Type of food services
In Australian open, fast food is the best way for this event. Fast food can be...
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