The Foodservice Management Information System - FMIS V by Genesistems, Inc.

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The Foodservice Management Information System (FMIS V) sold by Genesistems, Inc. since 1980 on mini and super mini computers is now available on low cost personal computers and popular networks under FMIS V. According to Genesistems' President Eric Muench, new programming languages have provided a method of allowing Genesistems' proven FMIS system to operate with the same speed and flexibility on the new popular personal computers that was formerly available only on larger computers. This brings the cost of an automated solution for the foodservice operator down to a price that is affordable.

"The manager must be able to determine prices and schedules, make forecasts, perform an ongoing audit of inventory and other company assets, and monitor performance. More and more managers are turning to the computer to provide this information on a timely basis," he said.

"Traditionally, foodservice institutions have had weak in-house accounting systems based on tedious manual procedures," Muench continued. "The result has been poor cost control. Food cost information is generally outdated before manual computations can even be completed. FMIS V solves these and other problems at a reasonable cost."

FMIS V consists of the following modules: general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, bank reconciliation, inventory control, recipe control, sales analysis, and management report writing. Telecommunications input is available for certain cash registers. All modules are integrated and provide full accounting information automatically to the general ledger for up-to-date financial statements.

The Foodservice Management Information System is available nationally from Genesistems, Inc.

For more details on the Foodservice Management Information System, please contact us for more information.

General Ledger
The General Ledger module is the center of the accounting system. It is a powerful yet easy to use module that can accommodate a single unit restaurant as well as a large multiple unit operation. The General Ledger is automatically updated from all other modules being operated. Both 12 and 13 period accounting are supported. The Trial Balance Report and General Ledger Report provide the necessary documentation and audit trails required of a professional accounting system. Financial Statements can be designed to your specifications by you within the General Ledger module. The optional Management Report Writer gives you the added ability to print complex financial statements that consolidate or compare multiple time periods and units if necessary. Account budgets may be set up and used in forecasting and comparisons to actual activity.

Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable module is designed to allow you to better manage your vendor invoices and payments. Inventory purchases that are entered will be automatically updated to the Inventory, Recipe, and Sales Analysis modules without any additional work. Invoices may be entered in summary, detail, or a combination of the two. By entering invoices, you are creating the capability of accumulating unpaid invoices easily at any time. A purchase history by vendor is also maintained, and check payment can be accomplished easily in a method that is convenient for your operation. This module lets you stay on top of your outstanding invoices so that invoices are never paid for twice.

The Payroll module is designed for time entry, printing payroll checks, general ledger distribution and year-end W-2 forms. It can operate on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis with all input verified, copied, and employee records updated during the End-Pay-Period procedure. Other useful options are included such as payroll history inquiry, earnings summary report, employee payroll history, tip allocation, tip reporting and is integrated to the optional Federal Magnetic Media Reporting module.

The module is easy to use due to its one-step nature. After set-up...
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