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Investor Relations Corporate strategy
Vision: “Audi – the premium brand”
In adopting its Strategy 2020, the Audi Group has focused its core brand Audi on the challenges of the future. The strategy took on firmer contours during 2011 as the full potential of the mission “We delight customers worldwide” was explored in greater depth. It now gives more weight to new issues that have emerged as a result of heightened environmental awareness, growing uncertainty about the future availability of fossil fuels and increasing urbanization. The Audi brand’s strategy 2020

Mission: “We delight customers worldwide”
The Audi brand’s products are compelling examples of the brand values sportiness, progressiveness and sophistication. In addition to building technologically advanced vehicles, the brand with the four rings aims to evoke customer delight in many other ways. The mission statement “We delight customers worldwide” therefore plays a key role on the path to becoming the leading premium brand. The Audi brand has defined its understanding of customer delight in greater detail in the following four areas of action: * We define innovation

* We create experiences
* We live responsibility
* We shape Audi
We define innovation
The declared ambition of the Audi brand to offer its customers high-quality, innovative vehicles is expressed in the brand essence “Vorsprung durch Technik.” This is accompanied by a clear design idiom that gives the brand’s progressive character a visual grounding. The models of the Audi brand feature a wide range of technological innovations. The Company has defined various key technologies that will occupy a special role in the development of new vehicles. For example, all activities involving electric mobility will be grouped together under the umbrella brand Audi e-tron. Audi ultra embodies the lightweight-construction technology that the Audi brand has been pioneering ever since launching the Audi Space Frame (ASF) in 1994....
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