Strategic Marketing Plan for the Audi A1

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Task Two: Marketing Plan
The Marketing Plan is based on the model by The Chartered Institute of Marketing. 1. Introduction & Mission Statement
Audi is a premium and performance car manufacturer. Our Strategy 2020 provides even clearer focus on our target to become the number one premium brand. With the change in demand from society in the types of cars people wish to drive, we have to adjust the path we are taking to achieve our vision. We can only achieve this if we focus our full and uncompromising attention on the customer. That’s why our mission is:

‘We delight customers worldwide’

To delight customers worldwide we must focus on giving them the very best brand experience, with innovative and emotional products. This must be delivered with the passion, skill and rapid response of everyone in our organisation.

This document is a major milestone in the development of a Strategic Marketing Plan as Audi enters the volume sector (AO Segment) with the new Audi A1. This plan will outline the market introduction for the Audi A1 and how it will assist Audi in achieving their goal of gaining a 5.6% premium car market share by 2015.

The plan looks at the current car market, Audi’s A1 main competitors, and seeks to identify trends which will influence the premium car market in the next 5 years. It looks at the Audi’s place in the market now and where it should be in 2015.

The analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of Audi entering a new segment – AO Segment - of the market and illustrates how the opportunities and threats should be responded to in the car market. From the analysis, the Plan identifies a number of target markets whose needs are matched by the benefits provided by the Audi A1. Full Audi A1 Product information is detailed in Appendix

Finally the plan sets targets for penetration by the Audi A1 into the AO segment and what strategies the Marketing Plan will use to achieve these goals.

2. Current Market Position
This information can be found in the Marketing Audit attached. The following will illustrate a clear understanding of the Audi business in terms of marketing activity. This provides the basis for the Audi A1 to enter the market.

2.1 Product
* Core Product - This is the heart of Audi, and the main reason why it exists and why consumers’ want to purchase it. (Linked to buying behaviour as the need, recognition stage) It offers all the benefits that people want; Sportiness, Progressive, Sophisticated quality and high performance, a cool sense of style, with durability and Vorsprung durch Technik (Advancement through Technology) * Tangible Product - Taking consumers from the need stage to the purchase stage of the buying behaviour model; Audi puts flesh on the core product, making the benefits real by providing a high ended sporty vehicle, ranged through different sizes and engine capacity to give that Sportiness, Progressive and Sophisticated feel. Audi offers a unique selling point of quality driving through the strap line ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’; they manufacture the vehicles with up to the minute technology, creating better designed and engineered cars, creating the high performance, durability and responsive handling that people desire with more style than competitors. The Audi brand name is very well respected and the status of it will reflect on the driver enhancing self-esteem and prestige in other peoples’ eyes. * Augmented Product - TV, Film and DVD Promotions i.e. Iron Man 2 and Ashes to Ashes generate a greater sense of aspiration and appeal towards purchasing an Audi. Also, freebies are available online to encourage further desire and greater attention towards purchasing an Audi. To increase the product attractiveness and make people believe that they have made the correct choice at the pre-purchase stage of the buying behaviour model, Audi offer market leading and prestige after sales service in the form of three year warranty’s...
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