Attendance System - Introduction

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Nowadays the number of school population is usually rising because of rapid increase of students in our country. Philippines is one of the countries that has huge population of students including the foreign students who have chosen to study here, is extremely increasing, which led to the need of computerization processes especially in schools, primarily with Online Examination system.

Computerized Online Examination system is very much needed in every school to give satisfaction to the students and also to the school personnel, and also because it can make their work easier and faster in terms of filling the documents and assuring the security of it.

Today the ways are still evolving in greater heights. The information technology professionals tend to learn and discover more on how computers have given the advancement for the society in this country and in abroad.

Statement of the Problem
The implementation of proposed computerize Online Examination system for the School will ensure quality online examination system. Specifically to answer the following problems:
1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the following?
1.1 Gender
1.2 School
1.3 Birthday

2. How do the respondents perceived the proposed system in terms of the following.
2.1 Functionality
2.2 Security
2.3 Reliability
2.4 Usability
2.5 Efficiency
4. How do the respondents perceived the idea of having computerized online examination system for the School?

Objectives of the Study
The proposed system will be design to upgrade the online examination of the school, which will provide accurate and efficient services to the student and schools personnel’s. The main objectives of the proposed system are the following: 1.Fast retrieval of grades of students

2.To less paper works especially in giving paper work examination

Scope and Limitation
The scope of proposed computerize online examination system for the school are the following:...
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