Athlete Endorcements

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Project 1

Have you ever seen an athlete in a commercial? Chances are, the answer to that question is YES. For me, it seems like every time I turn on the television I see LeBron James in some Nike commercial, or Robert Griffin III in the latest Adidas commercial, or Ryan Howard smashing Subway sandwiches over the wall! Because it is some professional athlete promoting the product instead of un-famous civilians, does it make us as the consumers want to buy the newest Nike apparel, or the brand new Adidas cleats, or go to Subway and get this month’s 5-dollar foot long even more? I believe it does. The role athlete’s play in people’s lives today is miraculous. The way these athletes act and carry themselves influence the way people buy the products they promote!

If a young sports fan see’s his favorite sports star on television advertising these new pair of shoes, you already know he is going to his parents and asking them to buy them for him. Just as if that same young kid would see his role model advertising something bad, he would still want to buy it because his favorite athlete is promoting it. It’s not the product that the kid is after for the most part; he likes the product because his favorite athlete is putting it out. This puts a lot of weight on the athlete’s shoulders because these kids are looking up to them. If the athlete were to make a mistake and make a bad decision, they could lose all of those kids that were once looking up to them and supporting their product. The same goes for the line of clothing or whatever it is that the athlete is representing. If a company has an athlete that is in their commercials and that athlete does something detrimental, it will not only harm the athlete, but also the company. For example: if a kid is buying all of the new Nike stuff to support LeBron James and LeBron James makes a bad choice, not only is LeBron James losing his fan base and his rep, but so is Nike. Nike would also take a hit do to...
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