Astro Consumer Behavior

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction2
1.1Company Background2
1.2 Products and Services Analysis2
2.0 Brand Loyalty4
2.1Recorded services4
2.2 High Definition Television5
2.3Variety of channel selection for consumer5
2.4 Attractive promotion package6
3.0Threats in future7
3.1Fewer users7
3.2Production cost become higher7
3.3Inconvenience for customers8
3.4New competitor8
4.0Cultural Issues9
4.1Sensual Gratification and Religious9
4.2Risk Taking/ Security and Competitive9
5.0 Likes and Dislikes about Astro10
5.1 Likes10
6.0 Recommendation12

1.0 Introduction
1.1Company Background
Astro Malaysia Holdings SdnBhd (ASTRO) is Malaysia’s leading integrated cross-media group with operations in 4 key businesses which include direct-to-home (DTH), satellite Pay TV, Radio, Content and Digital which provides a wide range of channels providing the latest information in entertainment, news and sports. Malaysia’s sole satellite television operator, MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems (a subsidiary of Astro All Asia Networks plc) was launched in 1996. Today, ASTRO has reach 3 million customers. Currently, Astro broadcasts over 153 channels in four major languages (Malay, Chinese, Indian & English), of which around 19 are in High-Definition (HD), and 19 digital radio channels over the DTH platform. Other services include IPTV, HD, PVR, VOD, Broadband and Voice services The People’s Choice, Astro was awarded the “Brand of the Year” award at Malaysia’s Putra Brand Awards 2012. The award is in recognition of Astro’s efforts to exemplify innovation, quality and strong corporate social responsibilities. (Astro, 2013). 1.2 Products and Services Analysis

ASTRO launched the first High-Definition (HD) broadcast in Malaysia in December 2009 under the brand AstroB.yond. Following the launch of HD, Personal Video Record (PVR) was introduced in June 2010 and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in April 2011.AstroB.yond is a multi-phased innovative service which compromises: High-Definition Television (HDTV) has moved from black-and-white analogue to widescreen color digital, sharper pictures, more vibrant and richer colors, and true-to-life images in stunning detail with cinematic surround sound and additional 16 HR channels. Personal Video Recorder (PVR) can record all your favorite shows and create your own personal TV library. It can record up to two channels at one time. With the 500GB PVR hard disk, it has enough storage to accommodate up to 300 hours of recording. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) bring an unparalleled multiply of ASTRO channels in HD with PVR and VOD services delivered via TIME’s (is a fast growing fixed-line telecommunications network and solutions provider in Malaysia) 100% fibre broadband, offering the fastest internet speed (up to 30Mbps with unlimited download) with voice capabilities (wireless telephony) to homes in Malaysia. AstroB.yond IPTV customers will enjoy a revolutionary TV viewing experience through its industry-leading and cutting-edge technology via its ‘tri-brid’ box which operates in all modes – DTH satellite, pure IPTV as well as DTH-IPTV hybrid mode.

2.0 Brand Loyalty
According to the Malaysia department of statistics, Malaysia population was 28.250 million in year 2010 while the number of households was 6.2 million. From Nation Master (2006) clarify that the percentage of households have television at home was 88.91%. Besides, the penetration of household is already at 49% in total Malaysian TV household whereas 61% and 27% in the urban and rural areas respectively (Astro Annual Report 2010). The statistics revealed that Astro services still have great potential and opportunity to serve further in the television market 2.1Recorded services

The recent findings of Regus discovered that generally Malaysia workers are regularly working over...
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