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Topics: Hong Kong, Television Broadcasts Limited, Broadcasting Pages: 4 (826 words) Published: February 12, 2011

- TVB has developed a strong brand name and good reputation of TV station in Hong Kong. It is the most popular and famous. Audiences prefer to watch TVB so the ratings are usually high.

- TVB has net capitals of $52.44billion. It is a great advantage for their operation and further development.

- TVB has more than 500 artists, 4500 staff and contracts with singers. TVB also discover talents by well-developed artists training programmes. And there are other supply like Miss HK and Mr. HK.

- Multi-dimensional discover talents by well-developed training programmes for artists, singer and especially Miss HK and Mr. HK.

- Based on improvement in technology, TVB can produce programmes with higher resolution and it has developed a new fully digitized HD programmes channel.

- TVB also engages in different businesses such as providing free TV, digital TV, Pay vision TV, artist management, publication, internet, music and film.


- Lack of creativity is a weakness. Many programmes are criticized for imitating competitors’ programmes. And there is a decline in innovations which the types, patterns and themes of dramas are similar to others.

- The quality of programme is deteriorating and poor. Some programmes include inappropriate content as gimmick to achieve high ratings. And the production of dramas is not serious enough. Some content is untrue and overstated that the producers always provide the life of middle class to the audience.

- The types of programme are limited to satisfy different age groups in appropriate time slot.


Audiences prefer to watch TVB because of their entrenched viewing habit. So the audience rating of TVB is high.

TVB is able to follow the current trend. It always provides programmes related to the current trend to attract audiences.

TVB provides paid TV with various channels satisfying different needs of audiences in paid TV. And the brand name capital can be...
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