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Topics: Communication, English-language films, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: April 27, 2013
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Course: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

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Q1: Evaluate strategies for developing and maintaining positive working relationships

Develop a positive attitude you need to avoid bad thoughts and criticism, be less judgemental and willing to accepting of others.

No jumping to conclusion you need to have as much information to hand as possible. if you respond in a defensive way to a situation with out knowing the full story this could lead to a misunderstanding.

Communications skills make sure you listen and focus on the person who is speaking, this will allow you to respond appropriately and avoid a misunderstanding, when the person who is speaking has stopped, state what you understand so you can act appropriately and not misjudge what you are being told or asked.

Resolve problems early when a problem arises,dont let it fester be direct and polite, have a plan of action to deal with the problem and show co-workers, this will help to work together and resolve a problem

Boundaries should be set making friends with co-workers is a natural thing but you need to make sure that a friendship dose not interfere with work, so boundaries need to be set like personal discussion should be left to on a break or outside work.

Respect co-workers be respectful by making sure your paying attention when they speak and respond when they finish, be courteous and perfessional.what ever the situation try not to be rude and loud, be open and honest about your feelings and allow others to do the same.

Q2: How might communication change

Communication with a pupil may change when they become disruptive or even talking to much, teacher needs to put into place a punishment or even...
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