Absenteeism at Work

Topics: Boss, Bullying, Employment Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: July 24, 2008
Absenteeism at work – Why employees are calling sick

Nowadays there are many different reasons why employees are calling sick and it is becoming more and more difficult for their managers to understand the reason. Many people do not have a good relationship with their bosses or colleagues so that nobody knows what is happening in their lives and why they suddenly do not appear at work anymore.

One of the most common reasons for employees calling sick is mobbing. In Germany you find more than 1 million people who are victims of bullying, which is 2.7%. For the chiefs it is quite difficult to discover, as mobbing happens secretly and in their absence. If he/she realizes that this is the reason for the employee’s behavior, one has to act immediately. The first step is to talk to the other employees to find out about the reason and to tell them, that they have to change their attitude. Maybe there is also the possibility of a special workshop, which helps the teambuilding.

Discrimination is also a huge problem in the global market. Some people do not want to tolerate other cultures, religions or races. Trying to change this way of thinking is a very long process and also a big challenge.

For a manager it is complicated to solve these issues, therefore the easiest would be to have some special contracts, so that everybody knows that this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable and someone might have to leave the company if he is found guilty of mobbing.

Another problem is the so called lack of motivation. Often employees feel depressed because of no recognition of their work and the goals they have already achieved for the company. If this happens they often do not feel important anymore and prefer staying at home, where they may get the attention they need. This problem is easier to solve, because the boss just needs to pay more attention to the employees and compliment them on their work or even paying them a bonus.

We also should not forget the...
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