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Select an appropriate generic strategy to position your printing business unit in its competitive environment (map the environment primarily as a pattern of competitive pressures from rivals, suppliers, buyers, entrants and substitutes).

The steps need to be followed to strategise printing business unit in its competitive environment:-

a)Planning for a brighter future starts with analyzing inner strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Internal evaluation coupled with an environmental scan of the competitive landscape. b)Differentiate your firm - It’s all about creating a unique value proposition. Start with your SWOT analysis. Everything is fair game (e.g. technology, experience, certifications, commendations, price, value, etc.). c)Invest in technology - Examples would include Web software that would allow customers to place and track orders, ERP suites, HR software applications, and other industry-specific technology. d)Identify new markets - Typically the more avenues of distribution you have, the better off you are. If, for example, you cater to the commercial market, consider the government space or even the aerospace and the aircraft sectors. e)Enhance your Website - Your Website should be optimized so that it becomes a powerful Internet marketing platform for generating sales leads contributing to both short and long-term growth of sales. f)Invest in Training - Great companies realize the value of their employees and staff development. Don’t wait for the upturn to focus on training. Trained employees are more confident, productive and resilient. g)Forge strategic alliances - Understand your core competencies, know what customers are looking for, and forge strategic partnerships to shore up your product and service portfolios. h)Trim costs surgically - Across the board cost cutting is risky at best. Analyze expenses with your key staff, one line item at a time. This way you can make strategic cuts, one cut at a time. And most importantly should be the last resor. i)Optimize your advertising effort - Go beyond traditional print advertising in trade journals and other publications. Be creative and don’t discount using Web-based technology (e.g. pay-per-click advertising). And be sure to track the ROI for each activity to make your money count. j)Build a strong sales force - Develop a unified sales team focused on customer needs and expectations. Indeed, your sales representatives should become business partners to your customers. Following are main items of printing business:-

Banners, Booklets, Bookmark, Brochures and catalogs.
Business Cards, Calendars
Carbonless Forms
CD & DVD covers, CD Inlays
Color Copies
Custom Logo Designs
Envelopes, Letterhead
Fliers & Trifolds
Invitation and greeting cards
NCR Forms, Notepads, Post cards
Posters, Presentation Folders
Product Labels, Promotional products
Rack Cards, Rip Cards, Rolodex Cards
Sell Sheets
Stationery, Stickers
Thesis Printing
Trading Cards

For positioning of printing business, we should go by the trends of market which are mentioned below:- Transition to Digital Technology
Digital presses have become the norm in commercial printing; industry growth is coming almost entirely from digital printing. The commercial printing industry is shifting to faster production of smaller order quantities with more color, the major benefit of digital printing over offset and other printing methods. While digital inkjet printers began at the small end of printers, technology is increasingly able to make digital printers with greater capacity. Operations & Technology

A typical commercial printer has different presses and binding equipment available to work on various types of jobs. The main printing process used is offset lithography, using either individual sheets (sheet fed presses) or continuous rolls of paper (web presses). Sheet fed...
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