History Human Rights Research Paper

Topics: Bashar al-Assad, Syria, Hafez al-Assad Pages: 5 (2207 words) Published: March 13, 2013

Name: Rawan Qishawi Topic: The violation of human rights in Syria

Research question: What caused the Syrian uprising and what were the outcomes? How did human right activists come to the aid of those whom had their rights taken away? Revised Thesis Statement: The political repression, uneven economy, and religious influence caused by the Syrian government were major causes that led to the current Syrian uprising. The Syrian government directly used its power by taking violent actions at a zero tolerance level of rebellion, torturing and ruining the lives of citizens whom chose to speak for their rights and peacefully demonstrated against the unjust of their government. This peaceful demonstration later became an anti-government movement in which was supported by human rights organizations as well as anti-Syria foreign countries. Farmers became weapon makers and children became adults. Humanists decide to take action. Human rights parties make proposals for peace hoping to cease fire and calm the uprising situation in Syria. On the other hand, anti-Syrian countries are acting and supporting the fall of the regime. First Paragraph’s Claim: What caused the Syrian uprising? The thirty years of unjust ruling by the father followed by inheriting the power by the son after the death of the father in 2000, initiate the first sparkle of the rebellion. Also the economic changes in Syria in which open the door for private investment in the public sector on unfair basis created an uneven economy making the rich richer and the poor poorer. The uneven economy added fuel to the fire, but what really exploded the bomb was the hidden religion conflict between the Sunni rebellions against the Shia president. Supporting Statement for Claim: Syrians peacefully demonstrate their rights to get at the least the minimum needs to live a decent life within the country resource and expressing their right to be part of a democratic political system. The peaceful demonstration turned into a bloody civil war by the government who violated the International Civil rights. Evidence: “ Syrian uprising”, “top ten reasons for the uprising in Syria...Political repression, Uneven Economy,...etc. “ (*Source: about.com, Middle east Issues) Insight/ Commentary/Analysis: The absolute power of the Syrian leaders in which they inherited over years led them to ignore the minimum needs of the citizens and their rights to express those needs.

Supporting Statement for Claim: Syria has been an empire run by the Assad family since Hafez Al-Assad launched to the presidency chair in 1970. Upon his death in 2000, his son, Bashar Al-Assad, became the president of Syria. Both the father and the son used fear and power to stay in control ignoring that Syria is a democratic country not a dictatorship for the Assad family. Evidence: “Syria has been a dictatorship run by the Assad family since 1970...Upon the death of Hafez al-Assad in 2000, his son, Bashar al-Assad, became President of Syria. Both Assad’s used terror and force to remain in power..., etc.” (*Source: www.historyguy.com/syrian_uprising_2011.htm ) Insight/ Commentary/Analysis: The uprising in Syria in 2011 caused by the Assad's unjust ruling is a repeated scenario of what happened in 1982 by the father, Hafiz Al-Assad. In result for both scenarios, the civilian peaceful protest rose to the level of anti-government when the Assad family used their power to stop the protest. The uprising resulted in the death of thousands of civilians. Supporting Statement for Claim: Syria has been a Sunni Muslim Country for centuries. At one point of the history Damascus was the seat of Sunni caliphate. On the other hand, Iran has been the most powerful Shia regime in the Middle East. With the rising of the political relationship between the Syrian Shia president and Iran, the rising of Sunni anti-government movement in Syria become...
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