Assignment on Women Emowerment in the Economy of Bd

Topics: Sociology, Empowerment, Human rights Pages: 14 (4776 words) Published: July 21, 2012

SUBJECT: Management Economics
COURSE TEACHER: Associate Prof. Md. Rofiqul Islam

(Role of women empowerment in the economy of Bangladesh)

ROLL #13

Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote- the Good done by the civilization, half created by man and rests by the women. This is an eternal statement about the development of human civilization. From the dawn of the civilization women and men worked together to make the future brighter. In a certain point of the social development process a few socially determined factors created a cultural hemisphere, which pushed the civilization not to think women as equal to the men. This cultural phenomenon changed the thought process of society and the society started discrimination between women and men and ultimately women become a deprived part of society.

The glorious Qur’an and the Hadith also emphasize protection of the rights of women, including the rights of education, worship, freedom of opinion, choice of spouse, economic freedom, and social role. An empowered woman would be one who is self-confident, who critically analyses her environment, and who exercises control over decisions that affect her life.

Modern social science looked into the social disorder and termed it as gender discrimination. This discrimination is sharply visible in our social and state level activities and attitude. To address this issue there are many initiatives taken by the state, society, UN system, PVDOs and NGOs over the world. Now women development is a common issue of all UN member nations. By depriving half of the population, that is the women of the nation, the dream of a Digital Bangladesh will remain only a dream. To transform the dream in to reality women development is the most essential part of national development planning; especially it is the pat of National human resource planning. Definition:

Bangladesh is known as a predominantly male-dominated society with traditional and religious beliefs that restrict women’s mobility and participation in economic and social activities. The gender division of labor in rural Bangladesh has been found to be associated with both economic and socio-cultural factors. Rural economic activities within the household were found to have a weak impact on women’s empowerment. The major policy implications emerging from the study are (1) enabling and improving the quality of women’s education is necessary to increase their participation in marketing activities, for which the gender disparity in earnings is less; and (2) developing desirable social and institutional infrastructures that enable women’s mobility outside the home to participate in economic and social activities, and reduce the burden of their domestic work.

It is a cruel reality; women are deprived in family and society, in decision making process, in administrative process of governance and most importantly in economic activities. Even the women contribute in the process of social development, which has also financial value, are being ignored by the society.

To ensure the participation of women in the said process they need to be empowered mentally, economically and politically. That is why modern social science termed women development as the Empowerment of Women. Empowerment of women is linked to the total human emancipation. Policies:

The empowerment of women in Bangladesh is observed bellow which is attempted by the government and NGOs. Women’s Political Empowerment: the Impact of Quota on Women’s Women in Bangladesh constituting fifty percent of the 130 million people has made important progresses in different development fields. • School enrolment increase.

• Women’s entry into garments and related industries.
• Employment in public and private sector increased.
• Women’s participation in political movements and independence struggles. • Strong women’s...
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