Women Employment in Bangladesh

Topics: Bangladesh, Sari, Salwar kameez Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Women employment in Bangladesh

It is well known that women’s employment in South Asia is lower than in any other part of the world except perhaps the Middle East. The women’s employment rates in Bangladesh despite increase over the last decade is the increase in younger women’s employment, the low opportunity for employment for poor women and the sharp rise in women reporting unpaid work. But opportunities for educated women are increasing and combined with the increase in educational attainment. Gender gap in employment still remains very high as male labor force participation is close to universal. The prevalence of working for a cash wage is low for both men and women, with less than one fourth of all men and less than four percent of all women working for a cash wage. Working for pay is common among poor, married women in Dhaka and working women commonly make an important contribution to household income. There is evidence that working women are more likely to manage money, shop for household provisions and move about outside the home than non-working women. In Bangladesh, as elsewhere in South Asia, the policy response to women’s employment has been largely through anti-poverty programs, safety-nets, social protection initiatives, small livelihoods programs, and micro-credit with less attention to the manner in which this links to the macro policy framework. Issues of wage discrimination, links to markets for women’s rural groups and their scaling up have been in the public discourse, but have largely been ignored by policy.

Working women in Bangladesh are increasing day by day as it is the demand of time! Now women do not want to be dependant on others financially. For self-honour and self-confidence, to get self-identity is much required. Every morning on my way to my workplace, I see many women dressed in either salwar kameez or saree on their way to work, waiting for a CNG, CAB or sitting on the back seat of their car. They dress themselves quite...
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