Role of Women in 1800s in God's Sight

Topics: Jesus, World War II, Women's suffrage Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Even since the beginning women have been a vital asset to the world. God made women, because no other creature was suitable or capable of the great works God had planned for women. Women are not perfect, but neither are men and we see this exhibited in the fall of man. No matter what, women are the back bone of society. With the work they do that’s unseen, as mothers, teachers, and caregivers. God put an incredible design and purpose for them. God created men to be leaders, and women to be helpers, but because of the fall men aren’t always the best leaders sometimes unjust. Also because of the fall women want to control men. We have this imbalance of bad leaders, and bad servants which causes God’s perfect plan to be hindered and Wars like WW1 and women’s fight for suffrage to happen. Before the war women had an ongoing fight for justice, during the war this continued, and after the war women got a taste of what they wanted, and wanted more.

Before the war women always worked toward becoming dominant or equal to men. Men always saw women as the care takers, cleanup crew, and kitchen staff. Women wanted to prove to men that they could be more than just mothers, teachers, and cooks. Women didn’t have many rights and were always expected to be quiet and listen, but women didn’t want it to be this way. Women knew that they were as determined, smart, strong, and willing as men, and women were prepared to fight back and for their rights. Even growing up women would follow in the footsteps of their mother to become a house wife. A whole generation of women were being brought up and brainwashed into thinking they weren’t as clever or able as men, so that generation rose up and took a stand against what they believed in and knew what needed to be set right for generations to come.

During World War 1 many men were being called into battle, and women were left back home to watch the kids, home, and work. With so many men out on the battle field there were jobs left...
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