Women in Ancient History

Topics: Marriage, Mesopotamia, Babylon Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Woman has always been over shadowed by the last three letters M-A–N. Women have been categorized and held bad back in some cultural, but in other cultural women were as equal to men. While exploring the different civilizations during the ancient history times (BCE to CE), the Babylonian women were to keep their sexuality sacred. As an Egyptian woman, women were considered to be equals to a man. As a Middle Eastern woman, women were considered to be ruled by husband but had their own property, slaves and jobs. A Chinese woman, they were not allowed to do much mainly respect and honor their husbands, birth a boy, and honor the mother-in-law. During ancient times women had different roles, lives and held many statuses in each civilization, regions, and eras. However, those roles and statuses may have changed now that we are in a different era. The civilization of Mesopotamia, located on the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is modern-day Iraq and parts of Syria and Turkey (Anatolia).(Maghdvi, F. 2012) The city-state of Babylon was a part of this civilization. The Mesopotamia began in 5000 until its fall in 1000 B.C.E. Some of its city-states are Babylon, Sumer, and the Assyrians. In the city that ruled a huge portion of Mesopotamia, Babylon was under the rule of Hummarabi (r.1792-1750 BCE). Before his rise as the king, Hammurabi utilized the cultural traditions and political organization of the Sumerians. By using those standards he expanded and controlled his empire.he is famous for the code of laws, Code of Hammurabi is what it is called today. These laws were written on 282 statues that were on eight-foot-high stone slabs. These codes dealt with many different issues, like trading, murder, marriage, and divorce. Women had quite a few laws to abide by as to the men. The women had to adhere with each code or law or be punished. Women were not treated as property like the sons and daughters but their sexuality was their husbands and no one...
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