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Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile network operator, Cellular network Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: February 25, 2013
“Watson, come here: I want you.” This was the first message ever transmitted from one place to another, through a device called Telephone. Alexander Graham bell the American genius along with his assistant Thomas Watson invented this machine in 1876. It was March 10, 1876, an important day for the human civilization when this great machine was invented and it was the first step towards developing the means of communication. Since then we have come across a long way. Various means were added to the means of communication. Today, telephone is a part of our everyday life. Besides telephone, mobile phones are playing a great role to communicate massages from one place to another. It has become an integral part of life in all over the world. Today, telecommunication is one the major part of life. Nowadays, phone is not only using for making calls, among many other functions it’s used for text messaging, multimedia messaging and also even to connect us to the internet. Due to its various functionality it has a greater impact not only in the economy as well as in the society. Bangladesh is talking like never before. The phenomenal growth of the telecom industry over the last two decades has considerable changed the way people interact. The impact is seen among all spheres of people in Bangladesh. But the most significant impact is seen among the young users of cell phone. Telecommunications allows better access to services that enhance a society’s health and wellbeing such as healthcare and social services. Amongst the many implications of research is that poor and rural populations benefit most from mobile telephony because they are least likely to have alternatives. In view of this, the cross subsidies in Bangladesh from mobile to fixed users, from the poor to the rich, are especially damaging. There are a number of ways that mobile services can promote cohesion in families and society. For example, a cheap mobile service allows families and communities to remain as...
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