Assignment (Case Study of Nintendo)

Topics: Video game console, Wii, Nintendo Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: December 16, 2011
1. Was Nintendo just lucky, or does the Wii’s success have strategic merit? Nintendo's strategy was very clear and clever. It thought that it could not survive in the competition with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Play Station 3. So, Nintendo do not try to compete to the competitor rather than it tried to rebuild the gaming system. Without concerning the more advanced technology, it tried to do more using less investment. The gamers are of two types; teenagers and hardcore gamers. Company earns a lot from the core gamers and they spend a lot in this. As the hardware become more sophisticated and games are more realistic and whether this tech people are more likely pleased. So, Nintendo focuses on the fun playing games rather than the technological junkies. They realized that they couldn’t make a better product, so by changing the way in which the product is used they created a whole new market at their control. By changing their focus away from the game but the experience Nintendo created a unique strategy that is now synonymous with their name. Nintendo developed the Wii with a very specific design and marketing strategy in place. So, Nintendo's strategy was so resourceful and it worked like magic mix strategy.

2. Has Nintendo put the “fad” questions to rest? State a case as to why the Wii is or is not here to stay.
Nintendo tried its best to keep the game alive for a long time. So it invested a lot of money in order to ensure Wii's success does not fade away as like most of the game consoles launched before this time. Nintendo released many classic games like Mario, Zelda etc. for Wii and to continue the journey of new games they made an agreement with two outside companies to ensure the new games string and released two popular games like Final Fantasy, Capcom for the Wii gaming Console. Nintendo hopes that “the release of these titles will do more than appeal to traditional gamers. It will elevate the Wii’s image to one that will run the industry’s...
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